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We are a Technology Company that designs, develops, produce, and implement the best possible Internet of Things (IoT) technology for our valued clients.


We liberate organizations and business enterprises from the unidentified, indefinite, and unfamiliar details of day-to-day business activities involving both people and machine.
We share information for growth of the business enterprise by the delivery of easy to use technologies and services. 


We are the choice Technology Company.
A socially-conscious commercial enterprise
inspired to create, develop, promote, and implement machine to machine, Internet of Things, data analytics, and machine learning.
To improve lives, advance business sustainability, and innovate business solutions. 

The Accomplishments

We developed and created the software and technology for the following Projects through our mother company, Power Dimension Inc. (PDI):

Integration of two power sub-stations for NGCP
(National Grid Corporation of the Philippines)

The sub stations are located in -  


A second class municipality in the province of Zamboanga Del Sur with forty four (44) barangays and with a population of approximately 50,755 people.


A third class municipality in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte with thirty (30) barangays and with a population of approximately 39,400 people.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for Power Dimension Inc.

One Resource Lab is currently designing and developing the ERP System. The ERP System is designed to:


Integrate the management of the core business processes of the organization in real-time using our ERP software and technology.


Organize, define, and standardize business processes to allow the most effective planning, management and control of the organization.


Collect, store, manage and interpret data from the various activities of the organization.


Provide decision makers with valuable information especially from the core business operations, thus, offering a more effective means to improve the business operations.

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