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Who is One Resource Lab Software Technologies Inc.?

A Technology Company that designs, develops, produces, and implements innovative products and services for business enterprises and organizations with emphasis on m2m, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and machine learning. We cater to the demands of various businesses in a cross-section of industries in both government and private sectors and ensure that their needs and requirements in the aspect of technology solutions are met. We apply scientific knowledge in solving tangible operational issues in the most demanding situations and we have developed unique products and services that improve margins and profits while warranting the highest efficiency and productivity. We understand how technology works and our aim is to integrate technology with organizations allowing them to gain a strong foothold in their respective markets and manage their resources in the most effective manner.


       We believe in continuously innovating to provide the best service to our customers.
       As a matter of fact in all our innovations we always think of not only our customers but the entire community by and large, how our technology can create a positive impact on the environment, the people, and the society. 


    Our focus is on the business experience of our clients.
Our solutions are customized.
    Our digital services are more secure, trustworthy, and convenient to use.
    Our highly personalized services safeguard digital identities, digital assets, and billions of machine interactions in the Internet of Things. 


      Our Business Innovation is about the regular and steady search for new ideas.
      The young and dynamic team of digital scientists based all over the country focus on Research and Software Development.
      The team is encouraged to explore and enhance their creativity to create innovations in the aspect of the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, m2m work, and machine learning. 

"The Value of One Resource Lab"

We are here to help enterprises utilize IoT  through significant and worthy solutions and we are capable of - 


Eliminating guess work while operating the business


Providing precise and accurate data for better planning and decision making


Using analytics in all applications to bring convenience, improve efficiency and productivity


Properly applying manpower compliment .


Fully utilizing machines and equipment


Providing real-time monitoring of data e.g. utilities like electricity and water consumption to eventually manage resources properly and effectively lower utility bills.


Preparing the business for environmental compliance e.g. air quality and carbon count monitoring.


Predicting and/or identifying leaks and corrosion in buildings and structures, machines and equipment


Proper warehouse management and supply chain management and running an efficient building management system 

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