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One Resource Lab Software Technologies Inc. 
Breakthroughs (Awards and Recognition)

GODAN Open Data Challenge 

The GODAN Open Data Challenge seeks individuals who can articulate and/or create practical solutions that will contribute to the open data infrastructure while solving specific challenges in agriculture and nutrition. This video features the finalists from this challenge.

One Resource Lab Software Technologies won 3rd Place representing the Philippines , Project Name: Agri-Commodity Bulletin 

Brief Description: Developing SMS tool to enable access info for farmers whilst supporting government to improve access to open data

• One Resource Lab was barely six months when they got his Award in August 2016

(Health, Education and Livelihood-Mapping Environment)

One Resource Lab Software Technologies, Inc. has qualified as a Finalist and the winners shall be announced on the 27th of August 2017.

A tool to map-out key urban issues of urban dwellers, people being the life blood of a city.

• Will map the health conditions of people according to gender and age in the urban area. This will help the local government better understand what health services needed.

• Will map the education level of people in the urban area which helps the government agencies to formulate training programs applicable to a given community.

• Will map work opportunities in the urban area for relevant training needs also in relation to job-mapping.

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